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Are you looking for professional floor restoration in Colorado Springs? Our exceptional floor repair Colorado Springs will help you fix your water-damaged floor.

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Tips How to Restore Your Water-Damaged Floor

Water leaks should be immediately fixed as they can cause more damage, such as floor damage. You may fix the leak by calling a plumber or solve the problem yourself. After fixing the water leak, check the surrounding floor for water damage. Although water can affect various types of flooring, wood is the most susceptible to water damage that even a small leak can affect that floor.

Water leaks can also cause mold buildup in the drywall or flooring, and some types of mold can be dangerous, especially if you have someone at home who has mold allergy, lung problems, or a weak immune system. You should call a professional to address the mold developing in your home.

Experts in floor repair Colorado Springs made a list of things you should do to help you restore your water-damaged floor.

Check for Indication of Water Damage

Check your floor for signs of damage if you have experienced leaks, flooding, or any water damage. Wood floor water damage is the easiest to spot as you may often see peaking, buckling, cupping, and discoloration.

Laminate may be more durable than vinyl and wood floors, yet it is susceptible to water damage if exposed to moisture. Common signs of water damage to laminate floors are cupping, warping, swelling, separation, splitting, cracking, and mold.

Tiles also get damaged over time. If constantly exposed to water. Grout cracks can absorb water, affecting the subfloor under the tiles, causing the tiles to move and detach from the subfloor. You can tell that your tile floor is damaged when there are loose, moving tiles, cracked or discolored grout, hollow sounds when tapped, stains, mold and presence of pets, and musty odor.

Although vinyl flooring is waterproof, it can still get water damage due to extreme moisture or flooding. You will see discoloration on your vinyl floor if it is damaged by water, along with bulgy, warped, and buckled.

Fix the Leaks

It is crucial to identify the source of the problem before fixing the leak. This will keep your new floor from getting damaged by the water next time. Water or excess moisture may come from rain, leaks, waste of appliances, clean toilets, sewage, and groundwater.

Water leaks from rain or storm can be managed by yourself as they are safe to clean and just need basic plumbing knowledge. However, contaminated water leaks need extra care as they can be harmful, and it would be best to hire experts to clean and repair the leaks safely.

Prep the Floor for Repair

The first thing you have to do when prepping the floor is to remove the surface water using a shop vacuum. You may also use a sponge, but you have to wear a pair of rubber gloves for safety measures.

Next, clean the floor using a stiff brush and detergent mixed with a mild disinfectant. Scrub the floor thoroughly to remove the dirt, silt, grime, and other organic material from the floor. If molds are present, use trisodium phosphate to treat the affected area.

Lastly, let it dry. Open the doors and windows to allow the floor to dry naturally.

Repair/Replace Your Water-Damaged Floor

Determine whether you need to repair or replace your floor. You will only need repair if you have light damages, but if your floors have extensive and apparent damage, you need to replace them. And it would be best to call an expert to help you fix your water-damaged floors.

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Light water damage can be fixed by yourself; however, with extensive damage and visible mold infestation or decay, it would be best to leave this to the expert. Colorado Springs Damage Restoration is an expert in fixing water damage and floor repair Colorado Springs. We have been on business for years, and we have helped a number of property owners in the area.

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